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 >  Take care of your personal branding in the age of videoconferencing!

Boost your personal branding during your webinars, your remote meetings, and your videoconferences with your customers, by displaying in the background your brand image printed on Micro-bis 3mm honeycomb cardboard.
It is regularly used as a corporate photo background because it enhances the professionalism of the person using it.
Thus, companies concerned with the digital appearance of their employees can develop their brand image.
The special telework display board is visible in the background as an economical decoration panel for your remote video appointments.

 >  How are your special videoconferencing backgrounds printed!

Easy and quick to set up, five seconds is the time it takes for the interlocutor to deploy their cardboard background, and make a good impression in video conferencing.

Printing on Micro-bis 3mm honeycomb cardboard offers the advantage of having a light and recyclable support.
On the back, you will find 2 Cardboard Easels allowing it to remain upright.
Creasing on the panel makes your background foldable, for easy storage with the smallest footprint.

  • Quantity : On demand
  • Material : Carton Micro-bis EE couché 1 face blanc mat 3mm
  • Printing size : 158 x 160 cm
  • Printing process : UV Digital
  • Finishing process : Creasing, cutting and gluing
  • Deadlines: 5 to 7 open days after proof validation
  • Origin: Printed in France

 >  How to design your print ready PDF files?

Dowload dowstair our template to to adapt your graphics.
Our prepress services ensure, free of charge, that the .PDF files transmitted correspond perfectly to the order placed and adapted to our production tools.

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