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How to print your car magnet at the best price?

Do you want to print magnetic plates for cars, utility vehicles and trucks? Do you want to install magnetic plates on the side and rear of your vehicles? Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to display your advertisement without trace? The special magnetic plate printing calculator is made for you.

The special car magnet is the ideal communication tool to install on company vehicles. Real estate agents, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, the use of magnetic signs on your personal or professional vehicles is the solution to be placed and removed easily at least once a week. Your vehicles are dressed with your personalized car magnet to display your advertising on each of your business trips.

Your magnetic signs can have a shape of rectangular cut, round cut, oval cut, triangle cut, bubble cut, star cut, coat of arms cut or other depending on your layouts.

Quote online and get your price.

Select quantity, finished size, lamination and delivery of your car magnet.

Order the custom printing of your car magnet and be delivered as soon as possible thanks to our printing and processing workshops.

What are the characteristics of special car magnetics signs ?

This magnetic white film 800 microns with a black magnetic back is ideal for decorating metallic, ferrous or magnetic surfaces (vehicle decoration, promotional display, store decoration) ...). Easy to handle and with a strong adhesion (43g/cm²), this media can be replaced several times. Its strengths are simplicity and speed of use, no wrinkles, no bubbles, and no traces of glue. The magnetic display removes all the technical worries associated with the installation and removal of your vehicle advertising.

Lamination: To improve color and protect UV and abrasion prints for long-term use, we recommend UV Lamination matte or shiny.

 +  Artworks guideline

Check out our printing guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your products labels.

> Files for car magnet

> Files for vectorize cutting shape


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Car magnets


Instant quotes calculation for custom 800 micron car magnet printing.


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