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Your postcards with a shiny surface and a writable back?

Do you want to print postcards with a writing surface on the back? Do you want to be able to easily write on the back of your postcards to make your writings travel there? The postcard on 1 side coated SBS board paper is designed to facilitate your writing on premium paper.

Do your quote online easily using the calculator and wait for your price.

Choose quantity, format, paper, weight, finishing and delivery for your business cards printed on Creescendo.

Order your customizable printed, and be delivered as soon as possible thanks to our workshop printing process.

What is 1 Sided Coated SBS board paper?

The Imprimeur Du Roi offers you to print your cards on rigid crescendo paper with the same quality as postcards and packaging.

Crescendo® Coated C1S

Crescendo® C1S paperboard features high brightness, clean white styling and a smooth surface. The back has a matt coated appearance to facilitate writing. Ensoscoat is a pure bleached, wood-free cellulose paper, PEFC certified 100% meeting food standards. It offers greater clarity in detail for your creations, richer colors, purer white or deeper black.

This paper is use to print prestigious graphic creations: brochures, greeting cards, invitations, prestige reports and publications, leaflets, displays, calendars, book covers, menus, postcards… the neutrality of taste and smell allows use for making confectionery boxes.

How are your business cards and notecards printed?

  • Quantity : On-demand
  • Paper brand : Crescendo
  • Finished format : Custom
  • Printing process : Digital and offset
  • Finishing process : Varnish and laminating
  • Files to provide: .PDF
  • Deadlines 5 to 7 open days
  • Origin: Printed in France

 +  Artworks guideline

Check out our advice for a good preparation of your .PDF graphic files to send to print your order.

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Crescendo postcards


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Calculation of the price of your custom postcards printing on crescendo paper.

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