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How to print your booklets on Popset paper at the best price?

Do you want to add color to your communication? Do you want to print brochures of several pages stitched with 2 metal points with the Popset range? The brochure printing calculator stapled on Popset paper is made for you.

Play with colors to illuminate your creations, your texts or your communication with the intense colors of the Popset range of paper. Your stapled popset booklet and brochures will have a visual impact thanks to the deep colors of this mass-dyed paper. Popset paper is regularly selected by cultural, artistic, university, events, associations and communities.

By unit, in small quantity or in large volume, we offer you the possibility of carrying out the black, full color and white printing of your brochures on popset paper with or without cover. Playing on the options will allow you to get the cheapest price that corresponds to your project to print online uniq stapled popset booklet to your image.

Portrait or landscape, we have the ideal size for printing your custom booklet, brochuresand programs.

Quotes online your stapled popset booklets easily with the calculator and get your price.

Choose custom quantity, finished size, cover, inner pages, paper, color, weight and delivery.

Order online your custom stapled popset brochure and be delivered as soon as possible thanks to our printing and shaping workshops.

What popset papers are available for your stapled booklet?

The L'Imprimeur Du Roi is the only online printer to offer you the full range of popset paper, whatever the color and weight.

Popset is the collection dedicated to enthusiasts of colored paper brochures. These smooth-finished papers come in a timeless palette of up to 34 colors ranging from pastel and gay to black extra black to a range of intense hues. Make your choice by configuring the printing of your online brochures on the widest range of 80g and/or 120g PopSet paper available:

  • Popset Apricot : orange 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Spring Green : green 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Sky Blue : blue 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Blue Violet : violet 120g
  • PopSet Cactus green : green 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Californian Blue : blue 80g
  • PopSet Flame Orange : orange 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Maritime Blue : blue 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Aqua : blue 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Citrus Yellow : yellow 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Cosmo Pink : pink 120g
  • PopSet Brilliant white : white 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Fawn : cream 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Storm : grey 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Shocking Pink : pink 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Sunshine Yellow : yellow 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Hot Brown : brown 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Infra Violet : purple 120g
  • PopSet Ivory : ivory 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Lime Tonic : green 120g
  • PopSet Vellum : cream 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Cloud : grey 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Pistachio : green 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Poppy : red 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Black : black 120g
  • PopSet Riviera Blue : blue 120g
  • PopSet Old Gold : yellow 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Grey : cream 80g or 120g
  • PopSet Ultra Red : red 120g
  • PopSet Vanilla : cream 80g or 120g

 +  Artworks guidelines

Check out our guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing on PopSet of your stapled brochures.

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