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Your booklet at the best price.

Get your price by configuring online customization options for custom printing of economical stapled brochures. Stapled brochure with or without cover, with or without varnish or laminating, play with the options to allow you to get the best price that fits your budget and the best deadlines to print online a brochure linked by staples to print online your booklets, technical guides, tour guides, product catalogs or price catalogs.

What finished size are available for your stapled booklet ?

  • A6 brochure : A6 closed size 10.5x14.8 cm / A5 open 21x14.8 cm ideal for making a booklet
  • DL brochure : DL closed size 9.9x21 cm / open 19.8x21 cm ideal for making program
  • A5 long brochure : Closed size 10.5x29.7 cm / A4 open 21x29.7 cm ideal for making menu
  • A5 brochure : A5 closed size 14.8x21 cm / A4 open 29.7x21 cm ideal for making tourist guide
  • A5 landscape brochure : Italian A5 closed size 21x14.8 cm / open 42x14.8 cm ideal for making services guide
  • A4 brochure : A4 closed size 21x29.7 cm / A3 open 42x29.7 cm ideal for making catalogue
  • A4 landscape brochure : Italian A4 closed size 29.7x21 cm / open 59.4x21 cm ideal for making magazine
  • A3 brochure : A3 closed size 29.7x42 cm / A3 open 59.4x42 cm ideal for making large brochure
  • Small square brochure : Closed size 14.8x14.8 cm / open 29.7x14.8 cm
  • Medium square brochure : Closed size 21x21 cm / open 42x21 cm
  • Large square brochure : Closed size 25x25 cm / open 50x21 cm

 +  Printing guide

Check out our guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your stapled brochures.

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The stitches are put on the fold of the sections

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Stapled booklet


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Instant quote calculation and deadlines for custom stapled brochure online printing on cotaed or uncoated paper


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