Adhesive mounts, flexible mounts, rigid mounts

Our cutting machines takes all rectangular cuts. However for the other cuts (round, oval, lettering,...), it is necessary to incorporate in the print file a plot. This route will be recognized by our machine. For this there are technical constraints imposed on this route:

  • The cutting shape must be an outline (not a background)
  • The color of this path must be in other color
  • Vectorize your typo
  • The name of the color should be named on your pdf as: CutContour1 WITH this exact spelling
  • The color must be 100% magenta or cyan or whatever
  • The outline of the plot must be 0.1 pt (0.035 mm) thick

We have the possibility, for the stickers for example, to provide them in boards, with a cut half-pulpit and a clean cut. For that there will be 2 cut to realize:

  • CutContour1 for half-pulp cutting (in 100% magenta for example)
  • CutContour2 for clean cutting (100% cyan for example)