Our environmental initiatives

As a company involved, Imprimeur du ROI adopts values and an environmental approach through its printing workshops that have concretized their commitments on one of these points:

 +  French Production

100% of the products of the website are printed in France.

 +  Workshop certified Imprim’vert®.

The Imprim'Vert® label certifies strict management of waste, paper scraps, reconditioning of aluminum plates, ink pots or products used.

  • A common desire to reduce the environmental impact of printing activities.
  • A national network, with many references, accompanying printers in their environmental approach.
  • A commitment of result guaranteed by a unique national specifications and by a regulation of use of the mark.

All our digital printing, offset printing, screen printing and advertising marking workshops are obliged to respect the legislation and their commitments to obtain the label.

 +  Certified PEFC ™ and/or FSC® Chain of custody chain shops

PEFC ™ is a forest management certification mark, aimed at contributing to sustainable forest management. Affixed to a wooden or wood-based product (paper), the logo guarantees that this product consists of at least 70% wood from forests that, for their management, meet the recommendations of national and regional PEFC ™ entities.

FSC® delivers three different models of certificates: forest management, chain of control, controlled wood. They relate to different stages of production and subsequent progress of forest products across the value chain. Our workshops can offer an impression made on FSC certified paper from responsible forest management.

 +  Workshops in carbon footprint.

"Bilan Carbone" is a tool for accounting for greenhouse gas emissions developed by ADEME. Its purpose is to enable, from readily available data, an evaluation of direct or induced emissions by an activity (economic or not) or territory. The Bilan Carbone is therefore a tool for keeping a "carbon accounting", according to rules that are public. (Wikipedia source)

Every year, we focus on having our workshops update their carbon footprint by putting in place actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

 +  Workshop certified ISO 9001.

This standard is based on a number of quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, motivation and commitment from management, process approach and continuous improvement. This certification ensures that customers get consistent, high quality products and services.

 +  Workshop certified ISO 14001.

This standard assesses the impacts of the company on the environment. It helps to reinforce the control of the production process and to improve constantly.