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Imprimeur du Roi is an online printing for printers specialized in digital printing, offset printing and shaping. Brought together under one brand, Imprimeur du Roi offers professionals and retailers a wide range of products, tools and services to support them in their custom printing projects. Thanks to a wide printing machine park, the Imprimeur du Roi guarantees quality printing for a better Return On Investment.

+3600 material references!

Imprimeur du Roi offers the widest choice of flexible or rigid material to select online. As well as coated paper, uncoated paper, recycled paper, creative paper, cardboard, polypro holder, tear-proof, on monomeric or polymeric vinyl, clear, removable, tarpaulin, magnet, textile, lino, on acrylic, dibond® or forex®, Imprimeur du Roi have selected to you the best media for quote, order and printing online. Imprimeur du Roi offers more than 3000 references from leading distributors and wholesalers and manufacturers.

+1000 million product combinations!

Imprimeur du Roi offers a wide range of products designed for and by professionals, stickers, labels, posters, booklets, brochure, magazines, cards, stationery, flyers, leaflets, signs, POS, and signage. Thanks to its configurator, Imprimeur du Roi offers more than 1000 million printing solutions giving free to your imagination and to get the best price. Imprimeur du Roi is the widest choice of formats, colors (black, cmyk, white, pantone), finishing (varnish, laminating, gilding, embossing, cutting), binding (stitching, square back, wire-o) or folding (1 to 9 folds) available.

A whole team at your service!

Looking for professionals customers satisfaction such as graphic designers, companies, agencies, printers and publishers, Imprimeur du Roi offers a personalized and responsive Customer Service for more responsiveness and Time Savings through production workshops. The teams at Imprimeur du Roi are at your disposal to advise and provide you the best solutions for your printing needs per unit or volume for deliveries in France, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Andorra, Spain and Portugal.