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Your leaflets 4 pages on coated paper at the best price!

Set up your quantity, size, paper, finishing and delivery options to get your price for printing your 4-page single-fold custom pamphlets online. For small, medium or large print, use the custom print configurator for the best printing rates of your 4-page flyers, your commercial brochures, your advertising flyers, your restaurant menus, your leaflets, your invitations cards or your greetings cards. The folding of your 2-fold 4-page flyers is automatically set to 1 fold. Beyond 170 gr a creasing is automatically realized to facilitate the folding of your leaflet. To promote the storage of your folders you have the choice to have them delivered under flat film.

What are the characteristic of coated paper available for your simple fold?

Glossy coated paper

Glossy coated paper is a modern, wood-free, shiny, wood-free 2-sided, non-chlorinated pulp. Its strong points are a high gloss (glossy paper), a very good opacity, an excellent printability, a good absorption for a perfect distribution of inks.

Silk coated paper

Silk coated paper is a modern, wood-free, half-matt, two-sided coated non-chlorinated pulp. Its strong points are to have a very good opacity, an excellent printability and a very good smoothness. It has good absorption and a perfect distribution of inks.

Matte coated paper

Matte coated paper is a modern, wood-free, matte, triple-layer, wood-free topcoat. Made from bleached pasta without chlorine. Real mat with a surface without reflection to the exceptional smooth. Two perfectly identical faces. Its strong points are to have a remarkable dullness and a good readability with a silky effect.

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Check out our printing guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your single fold leaflet.

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Download our .AI and .PDF single-fold leaflet templates for your design

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Economic single fold leaflet


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Instant quote calculation of your configuration and deadlines for the custom online printing of your leaflet 4 pages 1 single fold.