Discover a unique collection of envelopes and pockets, in coloured paper, creative paper, recycled paper or kraft paper with or without windows.
Envelopes for mailing, envelopes for wedding invitations, envelopes for invoices, envelopes for direct marketing campaigns, envelopes for postcards, envelopes for your personal or professional correspondence, the Imprimeur du Roi offers you to print online on many envelope formats to help you save time.
C4 envelopes, C5 envelopes, B5 envelopes, C6 envelopes, DL envelopes, square envelopes, special envelopes, insert envelopes, make your choice from our numerous references.

"Envelope. Shroud of a document; sheath of an invoice; pod of a payment; bedspread of a love letter." (Ambrose Bierce)


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