Beach flags

Whether on a beach, along a snowy ski slope, in a shopping centre or on a lounge, the beach flags are perfect, universal and directly remarkable advertising objects to attract the eye. They are also a great ally of the other elements that make up your outdoor advertising campaigns, all while being a mode of communication that, alone, proves to be very qualitative and inexpensive. The King’s Printer offers you a rich choice of models of oriflamme, beach flag, sailing flag or advertising flag to print on demand with different sizes of masts with many bases. The advertising flag is a POS support that can be printed 1 side on polyester textile of 115 g/m2 allowing a color impregnation through the fabric or printed on two identical or different sides on polyester fabric 317g/m2, white fabric with black back for optimum opacity. Used indoors and outdoors, the lifespan of the custom flag depends on its exposure to sun, wind and weather.

"There are only two things to do with a flag: either wielding it at arm's length or hugging it passionately against one's heart." (Paul Claudel)

Beach flags

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