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The Olin by Antalis range is part of the Superior Offset range. Available in Regular, Rough and Smooth, this high-quality paper brings your corporate communications and publishing projects to life.

Olin Smooth

Olin Smooth stands out for its opacity and sheet formation, which allow double-sided printing combined with outstanding color reproduction. This creative paper is suitable for a wide range of applications, and is available in a wide choice of thicknesses: notably 80g (pharmaceutical leaflets), 90g (letterheads, order forms, invoices), 150g (programs, brochures), 300g and 350g (business cards, invitation cards). In all cases, your printing projects benefit from its excellent performance in offset, laser and inkjet printing, as well as its natural appearance. Olin Smooth is available in shades of extra white, pure white and cream, all of which contribute to the final result.

Olin Rough

Olin Rough is available in 8 grammages and 3 shades of white, to satisfy all your printing needs. From 80g or 90g for your correspondence, order forms, invoices, etc., to the perfect 300g stiff paper for business cards and invitation cards, you have a wide choice of thicknesses for your projects. Olin Rough enables you to create high-quality media for communication (brochures, programs, etc.) and publishing (comics, art books, etc.). The opacity of this creative paper ensures outstanding print results, whether in offset, laser or inkjet printing.

Olin Regular

Olin Regular is available in grammages ranging from 50g soft paper to 400g card, for a wide range of applications: pharmaceutical leaflets, annual reports and other dossiers, order forms, brochures and programs, business cards, etc. The composition of this premium uncoated paper incorporates eucalyptus fibers, making it suitable for writing and pre-printing. The composition of this premium uncoated paper also includes eucalyptus fibers, making it suitable for writing and pre-printing. This makes Olin Regular ideal for comics and art books. Take advantage of its excellent opacity and perfect print quality for letterheads and invitation cards, with matching envelopes. In every case, you get communication media with an authentic look and natural feel. Available in shades of white, cream and ivory, Olin Regular is compatible with a variety of printing technologies, from offset and digital to letterpress and screen printing. Embossing, stamping and hot foil stamping are also available.

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