Welcome to the custom quote calculator space. This space brings all the expertise and know-how of the Imprimeur du Roi through the various printing calculator. Will you be able to manage over +1000 million quote combinations?

Access to custom calculators of sheet (cards, flyers, posters, stationery), leaflets (4 to 16 pages simple folds, accordions, crossed, economic, rolled, window, wallet), brochures (stitched, square back, wire'o), folders (folders with flaps, storage folders, press kits), envelopes (with or without window), blocks (pads, notepad, notebooks) bundles (carbonless), adhesives (vinyl and papers), panels ( dibond, forex, akilux, plexiglas), flexible (fabric, lino, tarpaulin), semi-rigid (pvc) to calculate online in a few clicks your print quotes.

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"We never do anything extraordinary, big and beautiful, that by thinking more often and better than others." (Louis XIV)


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