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Print your books on demand on Olin Smooth or Olin Regular premium paper.

Get your immediate price by filling in the customized online printing customization options for your premium offset paper books Olin smooth or Olin Regular.

Make the choice to print your books on the Olin paper range. You bring a premium touch with the Olin paper range. It offers excellent print rendering and is FSC certified.

What are the characteristics of Olin paper?

Olin Smooth

Olin smooth paper has a very good bulk (1.13) and excellent opacity. Its whiteness and thickness offers more volume and strength to your works and other achievements. It is available in pure white version and extra white version of 100gr, 120gr, 150gr, 200gr, 250gr, 300gr and 350gr.

Olin Regular

Olin Regular is a vellum offset top paper. This paper is made from pure eucalyptus fibers for a volume and a very high bulk (1.25). The Olin regular is available in pure white version and extra white version of 100gr, 120gr, 150gr, 200gr, 250gr and 300gr.

 +  Printing guide

Check out our guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your book.

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Binding :

PUR perfect bound

Same as perfect binding but with a stronger adhesive which gives the same resistance and finish as a sewn square back binding.

Sewn perfect bound

Each section is then sewn into the following section along the spine. The spine is then glued together for extra support and the cover then attached.

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Olin Regular & Smooth paper book


(€1,645.00 1000 ex)

Instant quote calculation and deadlines for online printing of your book on olin smooth or olin regular uncoated range paper.


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