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Compact cardboard


> The printer of customised coasters on white cardboard with a 3mm grey edge for single use!

The Imprimeur Du Roi prints and cuts your personalised coasters and coasters on 3mm thick cardboard with a visible grey edge.
Useful and light goodies, it will make your promotional activities, your brand or a personalised theme visible in restaurants, bars, hotels, parties, weddings, campsites and discos..
The personalised coaster is a real advertising product. It can be printed in four colours (CMYK) on one or both sides. Its smooth surface allows the use of an additional surface treatment to accentuate and protect the printed colours with a glossy, matt or non-slip coating. Coasters are suitable for all graphic, artistic and advertising purposes.

Whatever the shape, choose from 4 coaster formats, square corner coaster (9.3x9.3 cm), round coaster (9.5x9.5 cm). We print your logo, your brand, your promotions on this recycled cardboard compact 3mm Grey cardboard 2 sides white silk 1950 gr/m2.

Calculate your print-on-demand quote in real time and order customised delivery of your coasters.

> How are the 3mm cardboard coasters printed?

Choose from a variety of customisation options to print your coasters

  • Quantity: On-demand from 50 copies
  • Finished dimension: 4 size
  • Printing process: Digital
  • Cutting process: Flat cutting table
  • Material: Grey cardboard 2 sides 3mm 1950 gr/m2
  • Origin : Printed in France

> How to send your files to print your coasters on 3mm solid board?

The file you send us after payment validation of your order will be saved as a ".PDF" file to ensure the printing of your personalised coasters. Our prepress services ensure free of charge that the files sent with your order correspond perfectly to the order placed and are adapted to our production tools. Please take note of our various chekpoint in order to process your order as quickly as possible.

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Coaster template

Download our coaster template for your design

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3mm cardboard coasters


(€406.00 1000 ex)

Instant quote calculation and deadlines for custom coaster printing on 3mm cardboard.