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> How to print your stapled booklet at the best price?

Do you want to print multi-page booklet linked by staples? Stapled booklet and brochure printing can be used to make catalogs, booklets, tourist guides, menus, welcome guides, activity reports, etc. Stapled brochures are ideal for businesses, associations and communities . The economic stapled booklet printing calculator is made for you.

Whatever the quantity to be printed, we offer you the possibility of printing your economic stapled booklet with or without thick cover with or not selective varnish finish and laminated. Playing on the options will allow you to get the best price to print online economic stapled booklet and single brochures to your image.

Do your quotes easily online with our calculator and get your price.

Choose quantity, finished dimensions, cover, paging, paper, weight and point of delivery of your booklet.

Order online your economic stapled booklets and be delivered as soon as possible thanks to our printing and shaping workshops.

What size are available for your stapled booklet?

Portrait or landscape, closed format or open format, we have the ideal size for printing your brochures and booklets.

  • DL booklet (⅔A5) : Closed size 9.9x21 cm / open 19.8x21 cm
  • A6 booklet : Closed size 10.5x14.8 cm / A5 open 21x14.8 cm
  • ½A4 booklet : Closed size 10.5x29.7 cm / A4 open 21x29.7 cm
  • CD booklet : Closed size 12x12 cm / open 24x12 cm
  • B6 booklet : Closed size 12.5x17.6 cm / B5 opent 25x17.6 cm
  • Small square booklet : Closed size 14.8x14.8 cm / open 29.7x14.8 cm
  • A5 booklet : Closed size 14.8x21 cm / A4 open 29.7x21 cm
  • B5 booklet : Closed size 17.6x25 cm / B4 open 35.2x25 cm
  • A5 landscape booklet : Closed size 21x14.8 cm / open 42x14.8 cm
  • Medium square booklet : Closed size 21x21 cm / open 42x21 cm
  • A4 booklet : Closed size 21x29.7 cm / A3 open 42x29.7 cm
  • Large square booklet : Closed size 25x25 cm / open 50x25 cm
  • A4 landscape booklet : Closed size 29.7x21 cm / open 59.4x21 cm
  • A3 booklet : Closed size A3 29.7x42 cm / A3 open 59.4x42 cm

Which papers should you choose to print your stapled booklet?

The Imprimeur Du Roi offers you the widest choice of formats and the largest selection of quality and paper weight to print your brochures and make them unique.

Couche brillant = Coated gloss

Coated gloss is a paper with a shiny (glossy) surface giving your communication more sparkles.

Couché demi-mat = Coated silk

Paper with a satin surface, very pleasant to the touch. As for the coated matt, it is a refined paper.

Couché mat = Coated Matt

Paper with higher rigidity and bulk, its matt surface offers high opacity.

Offset = Uncoated

Basic paper called “office paper”. The surface of the uncoated paper is porous, evoking the look and feel of wood.

How are your stapled booklet printed?

The Imprimeur Du Roi guarantees quality flyers thanks to its production workshops.

  • Quantity : On-demand
  • Finished size : Custom
  • Cover : Option
  • Paging : from 8 to 64 pages
  • Paper quality : Coated or Uncoated
  • Printing process : Digital or Offset
  • Files to provide : .PDF
  • Deadlines : 5 to 7 open days
  • Origin : Printed in France

+ Artworks guidelines

Check out our guide for a good preparation of your .PDF files to send to your order to print your stapled brochure.

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2 saddle-stitching

Pages are folded, creased and stapled together

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Economic brochure


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