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> The 8 to 64 pages stapled brochure printer on 100% recycled paper at the best price!

You want to have an eco-responsible communication? You want to print brochures on 100% recycled paper?

The brochures stapled on 100% recycled paper are in demand by companies, associations, local authorities and cities that wish to adopt an ecological approach in their communication actions towards the general public and their customers.
The 100% recycled paper is suitable for printing your catalogs, advertising brochures, booklets, tourist guides, menus, welcome guides, activity reports, etc.
By the unit, in small quantities or in large volumes, we print your brochures on 100% recycled paper with or without thick cover.

> Which formats to choose to print your 100% recycled stapled brochure?

Portrait or landscape, we have 14 predefined closed formats to print your recycled brochures, magazines, booklets and guide

  • 9.9x21 cm : Recycled brochure DL (⅔A5), the envelope format.
  • 10.5x14.8 cm : Recycled brochure A6 / A5 open format postcard.
  • 10.5x29.7 cm : Recycled brochure ½A4 / A4 open half sheet size.
  • 12x12 cm : Recycled brochure in CD format.
  • 12.5x17.6 cm : Recycled brochure B6 / B5 open the leaflet format.
  • 14.8x14.8 cm : Recycled square brochure, the small square format.
  • 14.8x21 cm : Recycled brochure A5 / A4 open, the guide booklet format.
  • 17.6x25 cm : Recycled brochure B5 / B4 open, the original format.
  • 21x14.8 cm : Recycled brochure A5 landscape, the Italian format.
  • 21x21 cm : Recycled square brochure, the medium square format.
  • 21x29.7 cm : Recycled brochure A4 / A3 open the most used format.
  • 25x25 cm : Recycled square brochure, the large square format
  • 29.7x21 cm : Recycled brochure A4 landscape, the most used Italian format
  • 29.7x42 cm : Recycled brochure A3 / A2 open newspaper format

> Which recycled paper to choose for your environmentally friendly stapled brochures

The Imprimeur Du Roi is the only online printer to offer the widest choice of recycled paper weights. All our recycled papers are made from 100% post consumer recycled fibre and are FSC®Recycled Credit or PEFC certified.

Couché recyclé demi-mat = 100% Recycled Coated Silk

We find Respecta 100 Silk is a recycled semi-matte coated paper. It is composed of 100% post-consumer recycled fiber.

Couché recyclé mat = 100% Recycled Coated Matt

Respecta 100 Matt has an excellent surface finish and high opacity.

Offset recyclé = 100% Recycled Uncoated

White uncoated paper, natural tint (CIE 112), high quality recycled paper, made from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber, FSC® Recycled certified paper. Very good stiffness and opacity. Excellent printability. Nautilus Classic brand paper, it combines sense and quality, with its beautiful texture, its unique tint, its authentic and modern look.

> How to send your files to print your stapled brochure on 100% recycled paper?

The files you send us after validation of your order will be saved in ".PDF" to ensure the printing of your ecofriendly stapled booklet.
Our prepress services ensure, free of charge, that the files sent with your order correspond perfectly to the order placed and are adapted to our production tools.
Please take a look on our different checkpoints in order to process your order as soon as possible.

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8 to 64 inner pages 100% Recyled booklet


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