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How to print your waterproof stapled brochures at the best price?

Do you want to print stapled ecological brochures? Do you want your brochures to be waterproof? Printing a brochure on “stone paper sheets” is the solution.

Stone paper can be used to print manuals, technical documents, menus, notebooks, diaries or business brochures. In addition to its eco-responsible aspect, the sheets of stone paper are resistant. Much stronger than conventional paper, they are particularly waterproof, resistant to insects and fire and are compatible with food contact. Its use is ideal for humid environments.

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What is stone paper?

The imprimeurduroi.com is the only printshop to get you the widest choice of paper weights to print your brochures on stone paper and make them unique and durable.

Stone paper

Stone paper is a new material of mineral origin with unique environmental characteristics.
Its manufacture requires neither water nor wood. It is an innovative medium with many advantages. Mineral paper or stone paper was created in 1998 by a Taiwanese company.
It is: 0% wood • 0% water • 0% chlorine • 100% Waterproof.
The stone paper is made of 80% calcium powder. Calcium is found, among other things, in marble and chalk. Mixed with 20% polyethylene resin for the bond, we obtain an infinitely recyclable and biodegradable stone paper.
In addition to these two qualities, its manufacture is considered ecological since it does not use chemicals, does not use water and does not require cutting trees ... In comparison, the manufacture of stone paper only requires 15% of the energy required for conventional paper production.

How are your waterproof brochures printed?

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  • Printing process : Offset
  • Files to provider: .PDF
  • Deadlines: 7 to 10 open days
  • Origin: Printed in France

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