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Recycled uncoated


 >  The 24-page leaflet for your plans and folded maps!

Looking for an online printer capable of printing city maps and folded 24-page or 12-page front and back maps?

The 5 accordion fold plus 1 crossed fold leaflet is ideal for printing large city plans, road maps, community plans, ski area plans and other foldable plans.

The brochure 5 fold accordion + 1 fold crossed offers a reading direction with 24 panels or 12 panels on the front and a plan on the back. Its folding in 5 accordion folds is completed by 1 crossed fold or a break in half. Its finished size is 10x21 cm for once open make 59.4x42 cm.

 >  Which paper to choose to print your 24 panels folded maps and plans?

The Imprimeur du Roi has selected a range of eco-friendly and waterproof paper to print your 24-page folded leaflets.

Select the desired paper family in the quality box and click on the associated grammage which is displayed in white in the grammage section.

Offset (Uncoated)

The surface of the uncoated paper is slightly porous, evoking the look and feel of the wood.

Offset recyclé (Recycled uncoated)

100% recycled uncoated paper has the same characteristics as uncoated paper except that it is made with recycled fibres and is still recyclable.

Papier de pierre (Stone paper)

The stone paper is made of 80% calcium carbonate powder (marble and chalk) mixed with 20% polyethylene resin to make it completely waterproof in wet conditions.

 >  How to customize the printing of your plans 5 accordion folds + 1 crossed fold?

The Imprimeur du Roi prints your folded maps in offset printing for a better professional quality.

  • Quantity : On demand
  • Finished and open size : Fixed 9.9x21 cm closed / 60x42 cm open.
  • Printing colors : CMYK
  • Printing process : Offset
  • Files to provide: Front and back open size vectorized .PDF
  • Deadlines: 7 to 15 open days

 >  How to make a PDF print ready for 24 pages plans and maps?

Check out our advice page to make your .PDF files ready to be sent for your order to print your 24 pages folded 5 accordion folds + 1 crossed fold

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