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Your brochures and catalogs PUR square back binding or perfect binding at the best price.

Get your price by filling in customizable online print customization options for your economic square back brochure.

The square back pamphlet makes it possible to produce a presentation medium with a thick blanket, with or without a varnish or a film coating. It is one of the sales supports for your product catalogs, magazine, tourist guide which enters into a global communication strategy. Simple to distribute, the brochure with back binding square is a tool of seduction bringing together articles and advertisements, it is an ambassador for any publisher and company by the quality of its content, its graphics, its pictures and its finish. Pleasant to watch and touch, it is distributed in the store or at the reception of your company.

What sizes are available for your economical square back brochures?

  • Brochure A5 square back : Ideal size for making a booklet
  • Brochure B5 square back : Intermediate size between the A5 and the A4 for a magazine
  • Brochure A4 square back : The most commonly used size for your catalogs and annual reports
  • Brochure carré square back : Original small square back size
  • Brochure carré square back : Large square back size

 +  Printing guide

Check out our printing guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your square back brochure.

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Perfect binding PUR

It's the same as perfect binding with a glue that gives the same resisitence and finishing as sewn binding

Sewn binding

The inside sections are sewn on the fold before the gluing of the cover. This type of binding is stronger than the perfect binding

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Economic square back brochure


Instant quote calculation and deadlines for custom magazine square back printing.


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