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 >  The best compromise between saddle stitch and square back booklet.

Need to print your A4 square back stapled booklet from 28 to 64 inner pages at the best price?

Do the right choice to print your A4 brochures, A4 activity reports, A4 brochures from 28 to 64 pages with square back binding 2 metal points. Add a level of sophistication and finishes to your business brochures, technical brochures, children's books and coloring books.

It gives magazines, annual reports and catalogs a level of professionalism that your customers will notice and appreciate. This type of binding allows you to make a presentation medium with or without a thick cover with inside pages. It is suitable for various presentation, training or commercial documents.

 >  What are the characteristics of the stapled square back binding?

If the option of bonded square back binding has remained out of your choices due to cost, the solution of stitched square back binding is the answer to your needs. The stitched square-back pamphlet is the best compromise between the saddle stitch brochure and the glued-back pamphlet, providing an affordable solution with the improved look of a square back and stapled binding.

It is perfectly suitable for quantities ranging from 1ex to 500 copies. It can be printed on any paper weight. the number of inside pages can range from 28 pages to 68 pages. His printing process is digital only.

 >  How to customize the printing of your stapled square back A4 booklet?

The Imprimeur du Roi has a multitude of options to quote as accurately as possible the best price for ordering and printing your A4 square back stapled booklet online.

Fill in the personalization tabs to calculate your quote online. Create your account and save your configuration.

  • Quantity : On demand, you choose the quantity to the nearest unit.
  • Finished format : The format is fixed for a finished size of 21x29.7 cm.
  • Cover : Check the box if you want to have a thick blanket.
  • Inner pages : From 28 to 64 inside pages, check the correct box.
  • Paper : Select the paper quality and weight.
  • Delivery : Select your country and your department or region.
  • Deadlines : 7 to 9 open days.
  • Origin : Printed in France.

 >  How to prepare your art works to print your stapled square back A4 booklet?

Check out our advice pages to well create your .PDF files to be sent after payment of your order to print your A4 booklet.

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A4 Square Saddle Stitch Booklet


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