Do the right choice to choose the fabric display stand or fabric display wall to properly prepare the presentation of your products, your services and your brand. A good display attracts the visitor's attention and gives them a better experience at your stand. The fabric display is a practical and portable advertising system that consists of an aluminium wall frame and a fabric printed with any graphics or photos. This type of fabric stand can be placed anywhere as it is relatively light and easy to assemble.
The main purpose of the display wall is to present an advertising message in graphic form. It can be part of an interior design or a trade fair stand. Exhibition walls have another useful function, namely to separate an interior space where you can have conversations with customers and present your offer. The use of this type of advertising fabric umbrella stand is very wide and goes from advertising to decoration. A portable display wall can be part of an advertising fabric umbrella stand at brand events or a stand in a shopping mall, shop, beauty salon, fitness club, etc..

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