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Front Tarpaulin


> The custom front side printing of your banners and PVC tarpaulins at the best price.

Order online your large format one-sided printing on Frontlit 510g B1 coated PVC tarpaulin for interior decoration of your premises or outdoor banners to ensure visibility for your events or promotional campaigns.
LThe direct printing on the front side on its flat, smooth, white, matt and opaque surface will guarantee a high level of finish and quality for your advertising banners, kakemonos, wall coverings, advertising displays, outdoor signage whatever its finished size.
We guarantee a very high quality of prints and reproductions as well as a very high resistance to tearing and traction.

Our matt coated PVC frontlit tarpaulins are M1/B1 certified for indoor and outdoor applications.
They are made of polyester yarns, thus meeting the highest tensile strength, flatness and dimensional stability.
The fireproof standard M1 is a standard in the French classification between 5 levels from M0 to M4. M0 being attributed to incombustible products such as stones, bricks, glass, etc...
Its German equivalent is the B1 standard, which explains why some of our products are standardized by their country of origin.
However, it has been recognized that the B1 standard offers a level of fire protection equivalent to the M1 classification.

> How to send your files to print your custom tarpaulins on one side?

The files that you will send us after validation of the payment of your order will be saved in ".PDF".
Our prepress services ensure, free of charge, that the files sent with your order correspond perfectly to the order placed and are adapted to our production tools.
Please take a look on our different checkpoints in order to process your order as soon as possible.

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Bache PVC Recto / One Sided Tarpaulin

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One Sided PVC B1 Tarpaulin


(€14.88 100 m2)

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