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Color uncoated


Your business cards on color uncoated of Pop'Set range paper.

Set up online printing from one to many several model business card on the 240g or 400g popset paper range by filling out customization options.

Explore your creative side with color-rich business cards that reflect the entire color spectrum. We offer a wide choice of 29 shades. Pop'Set business cards illuminate your world with incredible intensity! The sweetest paper and cardboard creation.

What are the characteristics of Pop'Set paper?

Pop'Set paper is a non-coated paper dedicated to color enthusiasts. Its smooth finish comes in many shades ranging from pastel and gray to intense and deep colors. Pop'Set paper can bring all kinds of applications to life, including business communication, advertising, promotional printing, direct mail and luxury packaging.

  • Pop'Set Apricot 240g
  • Pop'Set Spring Green 240g
  • Pop'Set Sky Blue 240g
  • Pop'Set Blue Violet 240g
  • Pop'Set Californian Blue 240g
  • Pop'Set Flame Orange 240g
  • Pop'Set Maritime Blue 240g
  • Pop'Set Aqua 240g
  • Pop'Set Citrus Yellow 240g
  • Pop'Set Cosmo Pink 240g
  • Pop'Set Brilliant White 240g or 400g
  • Pop'Set Fawn 240g
  • Pop'Set Storm 240g
  • Pop'Set Shocking Pink 240g
  • Pop'Set Sunshine Yellow 240g
  • Pop'Set Hot Brown 240g or 400g
  • Pop'Set Blue Violet 240g
  • Pop'Set Ivory 240g or 400g
  • Pop'Set Lime Tonic 240g
  • Pop'Set Vellum 240g
  • Pop'Set Cloud 240g
  • Pop'Set Pistachio 240g
  • Pop'Set Poppy 240g
  • Pop'Set Black 240g or 400g
  • Pop'Set Old Gold 240g
  • Pop'Set Grey 240g
  • Pop'Set Ultra Red 240g
  • Pop'Set Urban Grey 240g
  • Pop'Set Vanilla 240g

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Popset Business cards


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