How to choose vinyl adhesives?

Short term vinyl

Monomeric range (white, transparent, opacifying): Vinyl limited time that will undergo after a while a phenomenon of retraction of plus or minus 5mm m2 revealing a net unclothed on your sign or your window.

Long lasting vinyl

Polymeric range (white, transparent, opacifying): Vinyls softer, less thick and slightly conform to the curves that will not undergo a phenomenon of retraction.

Cast range (white, opacifying): Very fine vinyls suitable for window lettering or vehicle wrapping partial or total (cars, utilities, trucks, buses) can undergo significant deformations to perfectly stick on flat or curved surface.

Types of glue

Permanent: easy to apply, bubble-free and fold-free, excellent long-term removal without residue.

Removable: easy and residue-free removal of vinyl for a limited period.

Electrostatic: Adhere without glue on all glazed surfaces. Easy to apply, remove and reuse. Do not leave residue.