How to configure multi-site delivery of your printing orders ?


Accessible with a pro account from the calculator of the MYPRINT page, you can define several delivery addresses.

  • Address 1: Select the country of delivery from the drop-down menu and enter the quantity. Do not fill in the delivery address as it will be completed in the validation steps.
  • Address 2: Click on "Add", select from the drop-down menu the country of the second delivery address, fill in the address field with phone number and a contact and fill in the quantity.
  • And so on for an unlimited number of addresses.

NB: In the context of printing several models in amalgam, we recommend to send us with the upload of your files an excel or pdf document summarizing the number of models by destination, as well as addresses, phone numbers and contacts.

What about customs fees and grants of sea?

Depending on the countries of destination additional fees may be required for publishing products, press and graphic industries corresponding to the nomenclature 4909, 4910 and 4911. Will be attached to your package a pro-format invoice in 3 minimum copies and for North America a customs declaration form.

  • Martinique and Guadeloupe: 8% tax of the value of your order + 21 € all taxes included
  • French Guiana: 15% tax of the value of your order + 21 € all taxes included
  • Reunion island: 15.5% tax of the value of your order + 21 € all taxes included
  • Switzerland: For parcels worth less than 1000 Swiss francs (€ 860): 18 francs (€ 15.5) + 3% of the market value. For parcels worth more than 1000 Swiss francs: 48 francs + 1.5% of the market value on the part above 1000 francs.
  • Canada: To be defined
  • United-States: To be defined