How to create your file for hot foil?

Hot foil file .

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your designs, you’re going to want to know a bit about foiling.
Often used on premium print media, like invitations, business cards, booklet and reports, this is a process whereby metallic foil is applied to the surface of the paper using either a manually-operated or pneumatic (air-powered) machine. The result? A truly stunning effect that pulls out details of the design in a metallic or colored sheen.
So, for example, you can apply foil to your logo, or perhaps some specific text to really make it pop.

The overall idea is to create a contrast between the paper stock being used and the extreme glossiness/vividness of the foil.


  • Minimum thread thickness: 0.5 pt
  • Minimum body character: 7 pt
  • Overlay: 100% Majenta
  • Name your hot foil with this exact spelling: dorure1
  • Do not place hot foil at the level of the creasing and the cut.

To simulate the exact locations where dhot foil will be applied to the four-color file, from Illustrator or Indesign, select the area and use the color swatch to define the hot foil position.


  • If hot foil only = provide 1 layer of color called dorure1.
  • If white + hot foil = provide 2 layers of color whose first will be named white and the second dorure1.
  • If pantone + hot foil = provide 2 layers of color whose first will be named 871C (ex: gold pantone PMS code) and the second dorure1.
  • If CMYK + hot foil = provide 5 layers of color whose 5th will be named dorure1.

File with association of spot UV varnish and hot foil.

For more finishing, we offer the possibility of combining on your documents, a selective varnish, a selective 3D varnish, 1 to 4 gilding and 3D gilding to make your creations unique.

  • If white + spot UV varnish + hot foil = provide 3 layers of color whose 1st will be named white, the second vernis and the third dorure1.
  • If CMYK + clear varnish + gold gilding + silver gilding = provide a file with 7 layers of color, the 5th of which will be named vernis the 6th named dorure1 and the 7th named dorure2..
  • If CMYK + gold gilding + silver gilding : provide a file with 6 layers of color, the 5th of which will be named dorure1 the 6th named dorure2

For information, any naming error generates a bug including capital letters instead of lowercase letters, so scrupulously respect the above nomenclature.

Nuancier dorure

couleur nuancier dorure

What hot foil colors are available?

We have several colors of gilding for your graphic creations:

1. Metallic Gold

2. Satin Gold

3. Metallic Copper

4. Metallic Pink

5. Metallic Purple

6. Metallic Red

7. Metallic Silver

8. Satin Silver

9. Metallic Blue

10. Metallic Green

11. Holographic Silver

12. Holographic Dot