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> The printer of 4 to 12 page leaflets on tearproof and washable paper!

Are you looking for an online printer capable of printing tear-proof and washable leaflets?

Polyart® is a synthetic paper with a smooth, matte surface that provides superb print results and vibrant colours.
It combines the durability of plastic with the print quality of premium coated paper.
Flexible and tear-proof, Polyart paper is resistant to UV, weather, water, grease and chemicals.
IIt is ideal for restaurant menus, technical brochures, leaflets, tourist brochures and other folding maps.
With our customised tear-off leaflet printing quote calculator, we offer you all the potential that the King's Printer has to offer through its different printing and finishing processes.

> 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 pages, which folds should you choose for your leaflets on polyart paper?

Single fold

Folded in 2 with a central fold. 4 page surface for a simple and direct opening effect. Most common for product labels, membership cards.

Rolled fold

Folded leaflet in 2 parts (6 pages), 3 parts (8 pages) which opens like a menu and folds in on itself to be only one third of its size when closed.

Z folds

Folded leaflet with 3 Z-shaped flaps (6 pages), 4 M-shaped flaps (8 pages), 5 flaps (10 pages), 6 flaps (12 pages) or 7 flaps (14 pages) which, as the name suggests, can be opened in an accordion.

Gate fold

Window fold leaflet with 2 identical or staggered flaps that invites you to discover your message. The wallet fold leaflet is made up of 2 window folds folded on themselves, to obtain an 8-page leaflet. It has the advantage of offering 3 reading levels, a generous, ergonomic and economical format.

> How to design your files to print your leaflets on tearproof paper?

The file you send us after payment of your order will be saved as a ".PDF" file, to ensure the printing of your leaflets on polyart paper.
Our prepress services ensure free of charge that the files sent with your order correspond perfectly to your configuration and are adapted to our production tools.
Please take a look on our check points of your files before sending you your proofs so that we can process your order as quickly as possible.

Folded leaflet file

Download below our folded leaflet template to design your fils for printing.


Z folds template

Download our 16 Z fold template

Download (23.22M)

3 accordion folds template

Download our 16 .AI and .PDF templates for 3 accordion folds

Download (13.16M)

4 accordion folds template

Download our .AI and .PDF templates for 4 accordion folds.

Download (9.02M)

5 accordion folds template

Download our .AI and .PDF templates for 5 accordion folds

Download (10.63M)

6 accordion folds

Download our .AI and .PDF templates for 6 accordion folds

Download (5.99M)

Gate fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for Gate fold design

Download (11.55M)

Double gate fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for double gate fold

Download (12.2M)

2 roll fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for Gate fold design

Download (15.38M)

3 roll folds template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for 3 roll folds template

Download (31.5M)

Single fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF single-fold leaflet templates for your design

Download (21.51M)

Quantities :

Quantity Samples

Additional templates :

Number of models : models

Finished dimensions (cm) :

Folding :

1 single fold
2 Z folds
2 roll fold
2 gate fold
3 roll fold
3 accordion fold
3 gate fold
4 accordion fold
5 accordion fold
6 accordion fold

Paper & Materials :

Weight :

Colors & Inks :

Cut-out shape

Delivery :


Proof :


Tear-off leaflet


(€741.00 1000ex A4)

Instant quote calculation of your setting to custom print your leaflets on tear-proof and washable polyart paper.


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