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> The printer of leaflets on recycled leather paper Remake!

Do you want to print eco-friendly half-fold cards, tri-fold leaflet, Z-fold brochure, accordion fold brochure or gate fold on Remake paper?

Revolutionary paper, uncoated, biodegradable and recyclable, containing fibers obtained from leather transformation processes, Remake paper is part of the "Up Cycling" trend.
The leather inclusions that appear on the surface will give your flyers a characteristic look, a very soft and incredibly velvety tactile effect.
This paper is made of 25% co-products from the leather goods industry, 30% post-consumer recycled fiber and 45% virgin fiber.

In true Italian papermaker Favini style, Remake is produced and designed with creativity and respect for the environment using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process designed with 100% green energy that is far more advanced than standard recycling processes.

> Which folds to choose for printing your flyers on Remake paper?

Remake Half-fold

Leaflet folded in 2 with a central fold. 4 panels for a simple and direct opening effect. The most common for folded cards.

Remake Tri-fold

Leaflet folded in 2 panels or 6 pages which opens like a menu and which folds in on itself to make only a third of its size once closed.

Remake Z-fold

A Z-fold is a document folding method that uses two parallel folds to create six panels of equal size – three panels on each side of the paper.

Remake 3-panel Gate fold

Gate fold brochure is a three-panel print that has two opposite sides folded to meet at the center. The folded size is wider than a standard tri-fold brochure and the paper opening provides a more creative effect on your design.

Remake Roll-fold

This is when the flap panel is folded in a 'rolling' over manner to close the document, if you look at the profile edge then you'll see the document is almost in a roll shape.

Remake 4-panel accordion fold

Like Z-fold, the accordion fold divides paper material into a four panel design.

Remake Double Gate fold

A double-gate fold brochure is constructed by folding sheet of paper on each side, creating two side panels that open like doors or gates, and then folding the sheet in half.

> What are the Remake paper references available to print your flyers online?

The L'Imprimeur Du Roi offers you the largest choice of Remake paper references to print your flyers.
In the support tab, select your paper weight and color or brand.
To return to the initial values, deselect the color and the mark.

  • Remake Autumn 250gr, 380gr (Brown = Marron)
  • Remake Midnight 250gr, 380gr (Black = Noir)
  • Remake Oyster 250gr, 380gr (Cream = Crème)
  • Remake Sand 250gr, 380gr (Beige)
  • Remake Sky 250gr, 380gr (Blue = Bleu)
  • Remake Smoke 250gr, 380gr (Grey = Gris)

> How to send your flyer files to be printed on Remake paper?

The files that you will send us to download after validation of your order will be saved in ".PDF".
Our prepress services make sure that the files transmitted correspond perfectly to the order placed and are adapted to our production tools. Please take note of our different control points in order to process your order as soon as possible.

The production time in working days announced as an indication is after validation of your proof.

Prepress checkpoints


Z folds template

Download our 16 Z fold template

Download (23.22M)

3 accordion folds template

Download our 16 .AI and .PDF templates for 3 accordion folds

Download (13.16M)

Gate fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for Gate fold design

Download (11.55M)

Double gate fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for double gate fold

Download (12.2M)

2 roll fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for Gate fold design

Download (15.38M)

3 roll folds template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for 3 roll folds template

Download (31.5M)

Single fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF single-fold leaflet templates for your design

Download (21.51M)

Quantities :

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Finished dimensions (cm) :

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1 single fold
2 Z folds
2 roll fold
2 gate fold
3 roll fold
3 accordion fold
3 gate fold

Paper & Materials :

Quality :
Weight :
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Color :

Colors & Inks :

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Remake Folded Leaflet


(€439.00 1000 ex A5)

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