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How to print your recycled loop stapled booklets at the best price?

Do you want to have eco-responsible communication? Do you want to print brochures on coated or offset offset paper? Recycled paper can be used to print catalogs, advertising brochures, booklets, tourist guides, menus, reception guides, activity reports, etc. The brochure printing calculator is designed for you .

Recycled brochures with a loop stitching or loop staple binding are ideal for companies and universities wishing to be able to archive their documents in a folder while committing to an eco-responsible approach. By unit, in small quantity or in large volume, we offer you the possibility of printing your recycled staple loop brochures with or without cover and finishes. Selecting your options will allow you to get the cheapest price for printing online from unique recycled staple loop booklet to your image.

Quotes easily your recycled loop stapled booklet online with the calculator and get your price.

Choose quantity, finished format, cover, number of pages, paper, weight and delivery.

Order your recycled loop stitching booklet online and be delivered as soon as possible thanks to our printing and shaping workshops.

What recycled paper is used to print your stapled brochures?

The L'Imprimeur Du Roi is the only online printer to offer the most choice of recycled paper weight. All our recycled papers are made from 100% post consumer recycled fibers and are FSC®Recycled Credit.

Couche brillant recycle = Recycled coated gloss

Respecta 100 Gloss, is a high quality paper with a shiny surface, it is composed of 100% recycled fibers.

Couche demi-mat recycle = Recycled coated silk

We find Respecta 100 Satin and Innovation Green are the 2 ranges of recycled coated silk paper. They are made from 100% post consumer recycled fibers.

Couche mat recycle = Recycled coated matt

Respecta 100 Matt has an excellent surface finish and high opacity.

Offset recycle = Recycled uncoated

Paper brand Nautilus Classic, it combines meaning and quality, with its beautiful texture, its unique shade, its rendering both authentic and modern.

Offset premium recycle = Premium Recycled uncoated

Nautilus Super White brand paper is a high-quality, extra-white recycled paper with exceptional printability.

How are your brochures stapled on recycled paper printed?

  • Quantity : On Demand
  • Finished size : Custom
  • Paging : from 8 to 64 pages+cover
  • Printing process : Digital and Offset
  • Binding process : Loop Stapled
  • Deadline: 5 to 7 open days
  • Origin: Printed in Europe

 +  Artworks guideline

Check out our advice page for a good preparation of your .PDF files to send to your order to print your stapled brochures on recycled paper.

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Quantities :

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Finished dimensions (cm) :

Binding :

2 loop stitching

The external staples are placed at the fold of the pages

With or without cover

Paging :

Paper & Materials :

Quality :
Weight :

Colors & Inks :

Delivery :


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Recycled loop stitching booklet


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Instant quotes calculation for custom recycled loop stapled booklet printing.


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