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 >  The custom printing of leaflets folded in Z!

The Imprimeur du Roi specializes in the personalized printing of Z-fold leaflets by offering total control over the choice of papers and its finishes.

The Z-fold leaflet offers a printable surface equivalent to 6 pages or 3 panels that fold on themselves in Z.

Easy-to-use communication and presentation tool, the Z-fold leaflet is visual, simple and aimed at a wide audience. The Z fold is a suitable support for making commercial leaflets, advertising leaflets, restaurant menus, flyers or greeting cards.

The folding of your Z fold is automatically fixed. Beyond 170gsm a creasing is automatically carried out to facilitate the folding of your leaflet. To store easily your Z fold over 170gsm, you have the choice of having them delivered in flat film.

 >  Which paper to choose for your Z fold leaflets?

The Imprimeur du Roi offers you the widest choice of coated, uncoated and recycled paper references to print.

Couche brillant = Coated gloss

Coated gloss is a paper with a shiny (glossy) surface giving your communication more sparkles.

Couche demi-mat = Coated silk

Paper with a satin surface, very pleasant to the touch. As for the coated matt, it is a refined paper.

Couche mat = Coated Matt

Paper with higher rigidity and bulk, its matt surface offers high opacity.

Offset = Uncoated

Basic paper called “office paper”. The surface of the uncoated paper is porous, evoking the look and feel of wood.

Recycle = Recycled

Recycled coated or uncoated paper are made from 100% post consumer recycled fibers.

 >  How to customize the printing of your Z fold leaflets?

The Imprimeur Du Roi assures you quality and professionalism thanks to the digital and offset printing and finishing capacity of its production workshops.

Do your quote online by browsing the Z-fold printing configurator.

  • Quantity : On demand
  • Finished size : Custom
  • Printing process : Digital or Offset
  • Finishing process : Digital
  • Files to provide: .PDF
  • Deadlines: 7 to 10 open days

Order online your Z-fold printing by creating your user account.

Follow the processing of your order from your customer account.

 >  How to make a PDF print ready for Z-fold printing?

Check out our advice pages to make your .PDF files ready to be sent after payment of your order to print your Z-fold leaflet.

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