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Your stapled brochures on ecological Crush paper made with fruit residue.

Looking for printing stapled brochures, menus, press kits on Crush recycled creative paper?

Adopt an environmental approach by printing your stapled brochures on an ecological fruit-based paper, it is possible with Crush paper. It’s a perfect paper for nature and wellness brochures or for playing on the rustic side. The creative possibilities are endless with Crush, whose appearance is trendy while being timeless, visionary, innovative and committed. Each leaf in the Crush range is unique because the inclusions of agro-industrial residues such as citrus, corn, kiwi, coffee, almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, lavender, grapes are never the same location, which makes it very special.

In true Favini style, Crush is produced and designed with creativity and respect for the environment. Crush is an uncoated ecological creative paper, produced by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with process residues from organic products. These natural raw materials are kept in landfills and used to make these distinctive and vivid papers.

Brows easily your brochure print projects options with the Imprimeur Du Roi.

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What Crush papers are available?

  • Crush Agrume (Creme = Cream) 100gr, 120gr, 200gr, 250gr, 350gr
  • Crush Almond (Marron = Brown) 120gr, 350gr
  • Crush Citrus (Creme = Cream) 120gr, 350gr
  • Crush Corn (Gris = Grey) 100gr, 200gr, 250gr, 350gr
  • Crush Grape (Gris = Grey) 250gr,
  • Crush Kiwi (Vert = Green) 120gr, 350gr
  • Crush Olive (Vert = Green) 120gr, 350gr

How are your stapled brochure printed on Crush paper?

  • Quantity : On-demande
  • Finished dimension : Custom
  • Printing process : Digital, Offset
  • Files to provide: .PDF
  • Deadlines: 7 to 12 open days
  • Origin: Printed in France

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