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How to print all your cards on Colorplan paper at the best price?

Do you want to print business cards, note cards, postcards, invitations cards, igreatings cards or flyers on luxury paper?
Do you want to print on a mass-dyed creative uncoated paper?
Colorplan paper, whose creation dates back to 1936, is an emblematic brand of paper designed for you.

Colorplan is an emblematic brand of high-end colored paper and cardboard, supports that have become essential for printing all your cards in the luxury sector, design and graphic design.

Brows your quantity, extra models, size, printing colors, paper, finishes and delivery.

Order your cards on Colorplan paper by creating your user account.

Track your order from your customer account.

What Colorplan papers range are available?

The Imprimeur du Roi gives access online to the widest choice of Colorplan paper and weight reference to print all your custom cards.

  • Colorplan Adriatic
  • Colorplan Amethyst
  • Colorplan Azure Blue
  • Colorplan Bagdad Brown
  • Colorplan Bitter Chocolate
  • Colorplan Bright Red
  • Colorplan Bright White
  • Colorplan Candy Pink
  • Colorplan China White
  • Colorplan Citrine
  • Colorplan Claret
  • Colorplan Cobalt
  • Colorplan Cool Blue
  • Colorplan Cool Grey
  • Colorplan Dark Grey
  • Colorplan Ebony Black
  • Colorplan Emerald
  • Colorplan Factory Yellow
  • Colorplan Forest
  • Colorplan Fuchsia Pink
  • Colorplan Harvest
  • Colorplan Ice White
  • Colorplan Imperial Blue
  • Colorplan Lavander
  • Colorplan Lockwood Green
  • Colorplan Mandarin
  • Colorplan Marrs Green
  • Colorplan Mid Green
  • Colorplan Mist
  • Colorplan Natural
  • Colorplan New Blue
  • Colorplan Nubuck Brown
  • Colorplan Pale Grey
  • Colorplan Park Green
  • Colorplan Pistachio
  • Colorplan Powder Green
  • Colorplan Pristine White
  • Colorplan Purple
  • Colorplan Racing Green
  • Colorplan Real Grey
  • Colorplan Royal Blue
  • Colorplan Sapphire
  • Colorplan Scarlet
  • Colorplan Smoke
  • Colorplan Sorbet Yellow
  • Colorplan Stone
  • Colorplan Tabriz Blue
  • Colorplan Turquoise
  • Colorplan Vellum White
  • Colorplan Vermillon
  • Colorplan White Frost

How are your cards printed on Colorplan paper?

  • Quantity : On-demande
  • Amalgam : Extra models
  • Finished dimension : Custom
  • Printing process : Offset
  • Embossing process : Typo
  • Gilding process : UV digital
  • Files to provide: .PDF
  • Deadlines: 7 to 12 open days
  • Origin: Printed in France

 +  Artworks guideline

Check our printing guide to make your idea's to fit to print for custom cards printed on colorplan paper.

> Printing file

> Gilding file


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Hot foil

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Cut-out shape

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Colorplan cards


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Instant calculation of the price of your configuration to print your cards and cardboards on colorplan paper.


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