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> The fast and cheap flyer printer at the best price.

Set up online printing of quick and cheap advertising flyers for your events or promotional campaigns and get your instant quote.
Advertising flyers are a good means of communication and are available in several formats.
From bookmark size (5.5x21 cm) to A3, its printing and personalisation surface offers, depending on the design, more or less space to showcase your creations and graphics.
It can be used to distribute advertising messages such as promotional flyers for a shop, a department store or a boutique, coupon flyers to encourage customers to take advantage of discounts, event flyers to announce the organisation of trade fairs, shows, concerts, real estate flyers to promote future construction programmes, company flyers to promote the products and services of a business, an Internet site or an e-commerce platform.
Thank-you flyers can also be a good way of keeping your customers' attention.

> What sizes are available for printing your flyers online?

Portrait or landscape, the Imprimeur Du Roi offers you to select the ideal format for printing your flyers.

  • Flyer 4.6x20 : the luggage tag format
  • Flyer 5.5x21 : ⅓A5 the bookmark format
  • Flyer 9.9x21 : DL envelope format
  • Flyer 10.5x14.8 : A6 postcard size
  • Flyer 10.5x29.7 : ½A4 the size of half an A4 sheet
  • Flyer 12.5x17.6 : B6 the leaflet format
  • Flyer 14.8x14.8 : the Medium Square format
  • Flyer 14.8x21 : Most common A5
  • Flyer 14.8x29.7 : ⅔A4 the original
  • Flyer 17.6x25 : B6 the direct mail format
  • Flyer 21x21 : the Large Square format
  • Flyer 21x29.7 : A4 most requested
  • Flyer 25x35.4 : B5 the large format flyer
  • Flyer 29.7x42 : A3 Poster format

> Which paper to choose for printing your personalised flyers

The Imprimeur Du Roi guarantees a selection of quality paper and a wide range of weights to print your flyers and make them unique.

Flyer on coated gloss paper

Glossy coated paper is a paper with a glossy (glazed) surface that gives your communication more sparkle.

Flyer on coated silk paper

Paper with a satin surface, very pleasant to the touch. As with the matt coating, this is a refined paper.

Flyer on coated matt paper

Paper with higher stiffness, its matt surface offers high opacity.

Flyer on uncoated paper

Basic office paper. The surface of the offset paper is porous, evoking the look and feel of wood.

> How to send your files to print your economical flyers?

The files you send us for downloading after validation of your order will be saved in ".PDF" format.
Our prepress department ensures, free of charge, that the files associated with your order correspond perfectly to the configuration you have placed and to our printing processes.
Please take note of our various checkpoints in order to process your order as quickly as possible.

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Get your instant quote for custom online printing cheap and high quality flyer printing on coated or uncoated paper.