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> The Printer of custom 3mm white dibond® aluminium panels

Order the online printing on 3mm dibond panels at the best price.
The dibond® panel is made of 2 white aluminium plates on the outside and a black polyethylene core on the inside.
Stainless and rot-proof, it is widely used for its rigidity, corrosion resistance, lightness and stability over time.
The online printing on 3 mm white dibond® panels is ideal for interior decoration or exterior signage.

3mm dibond® interior design

  • Printing of art photographs and decorative paintings for art exhibitions, galleries, museums, building reception areas and show rooms.
  • Internal signage in shops or offices (evacuation plan, signposting, safety, reception, nameplate...).

3mm dibond® outdoor signs

  • Aluminium composite advertising and directional signs, signposting, directions.
  • Façade signage for advertising on building sites.
  • Promotional signage for billboards.
  • Cladding of shop fronts and shops as signs.

> How get your instant quote for printing on 3mm dibond® panels at the best price?

Thanks to our online printing configurator for single or double-sided printing on 3mm dibond® panels, the possibilities are endless.
In real time, it show the description of your configuration, price, quantity, format, weight of the copy, the printing colours, the support, the packaging, the delivery department, the total weight and the production time after validation of the proof.

Quantity and additional templates

Fill in the quantity of 3mm dibond® panel you require.
Use the additional templates option if you have different visuals.
These templates can be of the same quantity, of different quantities or of the same quantity and assembled to make batches of several different graphics.

Varnish & Lamination

Choose an anti-UV matt lamination to give a matt appearance.
Choose an anti-UV glossy lamination to give a glossy finish.
Choose a Velleda lamination to write on the substrate with a Velleda dry erase marker.

Paper & Materials :

Your 3mm dibond® panels can be supplied with a 8.4mm diameter perforation with or without a satin silver screw spacer.
The holes are generally located 15-20mm from the edge of the panel

Add extra model of a different size to your quote.

This option at the top of the configurator allows you to add another reference from another template.
This adds to your first configuration the possibility of calculating other 3mm dibond® panels, either individually or as an amalgam of a different format.

> How to send your files for printing on 3mm dibond® panels?

The file you send us after payment of your order will be saved as a ".PDF" file, to ensure the printing of your custom-made 3mm dibond sheets.
Our prepress services ensure, free of charge, that the files sent with your order correspond perfectly to the order placed and are adapted to our production tools.
Please note our control points for your files in order to process your order as quickly as possible

Files for printing


Ajouter un produit

Dibond blanc 3mm / 3 mm white aluminium board

Quantities :

Quantity Samples

Additional templates :

Number of models : models

Finished dimensions (cm) :

Width : cm
Height : cm

Colors & Inks :

Varnish & Lamination :

Paper & Materials :

Delivery :

Delivery Destination (postal code) Address Quantity
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Proof :


3 mm white aluminium board


(€33.97 100 m2)

Get your instant quote for the online printing on custom 3mm white aluminium board.


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