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Your 4 pages leaflet on white uncoated paper at the best price!

et up your quantity, size, paper, finishing and delivery options to get your price for printing your 4-page single-fold custom-print on white offset paper. For small, medium or large print, use the custom print configurator for the best printing rates of your 4-page flyers, your commercial brochures, your advertising flyers, your restaurant menus, your leaflets, your invitations cards or your greetings cards. The folding of your 2-fold 4-page flyers is automatically set to 1 fold. Beyond 170 gr a crease will be automatically realized to facilitate the folding of your leaflet. To promote the storage of your folders you have the choice to have them delivered under flat film.

Why choose white uncoated paper for your 4-page flyers?

With a more porous surface than coated paper giving a warm touch feel, white offset paper is a woodfree offset paper made from non-chlorine-based pulp. His strengths are that he has a high hand with a good level of whiteness favoring the contrast of the print. Very good value for money. It is used to print letterheads, invoices, administrative and commercial documents.

 +  Printing guide

Check out our printing guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your single fold leaflet.

> Files for single fold leaflet


Z folds template

Download our 16 Z fold template

Download (23.22M)

3 accordion folds template

Download our 16 .AI and .PDF templates for 3 accordion folds

Download (13.16M)

Gate fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for Gate fold design

Download (11.55M)

Double gate fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for double gate fold

Download (12.2M)

2 roll fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for Gate fold design

Download (15.38M)

3 roll folds template

Download our .AI and .PDF template for 3 roll folds template

Download (31.5M)

Single fold template

Download our .AI and .PDF single-fold leaflet templates for your design

Download (21.51M)

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2 gate fold
3 roll fold
3 accordion fold
3 gate fold
4 accordion fold

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Hot foil

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