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High bulk uncoated


 >  Your premium stapled booklet printed on munken range paper for a natural and authenticity look!

You are looking for booklet printing on Muken range paper?
you want to print stapled brochure from 8 to 64 inner pages on premium bulk paper?

The Munken papers are high-quality uncoated fine papers. They are ideal for businesses that want to have premium media.
Munken paper is suitable for printing premium booklets, advertising brochures, welcome guides, activity reports, etc.
Individually, in small quantities or in large volumes, we print online all your stapled brochure on Munken paper range with or without cover.
Brows your printing options to get the best price to print online premium stapled brochures on Munken paper.

 >  What Munken papers are available for printing your stapled brochures?

The Imprimeur du Roi gives you the choice of printing your brochures on a wide selection of Munken range papers and weights to make them unique.

Munken Lynx

The uncoated smooth surface of Munken Lynx and its natural white shade make images genuine and gives an exclusive and yet very true natural paper feel.
Recognizable by its soft and silky feel, Munken Lynx is ideal for high-end prints.
It is available in weights of 80g, 90g, 150g and 300g / m².

Munken Polar

The uncoated smooth surface of Munken Polar and its crispy white shade enhances images and has an exclusive, yet very natural feel.
Recognizable by its soft, silky feel, Munken Polar is ideal for high-end prints, such as four-color books, catalogs, corporate communications as well as direct marketing.
Sa surface lisse lui procure une très bonne imprimabilité.
It is available in weights 115g, 130g, 150g, 200g and 250g / m².

Munken Print White 1.5 et 1.8

Munken Print White is the best possible paper for book publishing.
By combining the most interesting properties of papers with wood and without wood, we obtain a hand, a resistance, a surface, a comfort to the reading and printability optimized for books.
The result is a high-end puff paper of natural whiteness whose feel and rigidity are suitable for all types of books, in black and / or four-color printing.

 >  How to print your stapled brochures online on Munken paper?

Set up the online printing of your stapled brochures on Munken paper using the customization tabs.

  • Quantity : On demande
  • Printing size : Custom
  • Hard cover : Option
  • Inner pages : from 8 to 60 pages
  • Paper weight : On-demand
  • Printing process : Digital or Offset
  • Deadlines: 7 to 10 open days
  • Origin: Printed en France

 >  How to design your print ready PDF?

Check out our 7 checkpoints for a good preparation of your .PDF files to be transmitted after validation of your order.
Our prepress services ensure, free of charge, that your pdf files uploaded fit perfectly to the order placed and adapted to our production tools.

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Munken brochure 8 to 64 pages


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