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Your business cards on ecological crush paper made with residues of organic products.

Set up online printing of your Business cards on crush citrus or crush corn range paper of 350g. CRUSH paper printing requires no more care and attention than printing on any other uncoated paper. It's perfect for offset printing, hot foil and embossing, but also digital printing.

What is the characteristic of Crush paper?

Created by Italian papermaker Favini, CRUSH is the first and only range of ecological papers made with agro-industrial waste. Crush is an original, creative and ecological range that consists of 55% new FSC® fibers, 30% recycled fibers and 15% other organic materials such as kiwi, coffee, olive and cereals. The CRUSH range can also boast of being produced using 100% green energy. The interest of the use of alternative fibers is not only ecological but also creative, because these fibers allow effects quite original. They also give the paper specific tactile properties: the 'touch' is different depending on whether one is handling 'Coffee', 'Almond', 'Kiwi' or 'Olive'. The faded shades in earth tones, very trendy, have themselves been inspired by the use of natural fibers.

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Check out our printing guide for a good preparation of your graphic files for the printing of your business cards.

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Crush business cards


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